Fear of Darkness and the Black Madonna, Part 2: Finding Love in Divine Darkness

Within the Surrender of your eternal becoming,
in the darkness of My unfolding,
feel your way through the mystery
of Sacred Union.
~From Adorata: The Path of Enlovement,
The Contemplation of Surrender

By Tiziana DellaRovere
Artwork By Tiziana DellaRovere

There are many things that can upset you in the world today. When you feel disheartened, remember that you can always return to the heart of Divine Mother. She loves you with the tenderness of Her gentle wisdom and the strength of Her immeasurable power. She speaks to you through the whispers of your inner voice, She touches you through the caresses of your senses, She delights you through the beauty of nature. But to hear Her whispers, to feel Her touch and delight in Her sensuous splendor you must learn to come into silence.To make space in your day for quiet time is an act of love toward yourself. In silence you can be intimate with yourself and listen, and you can open the door of your heart to the flow of Her golden luminous love.

The Black Madonna, by Tiziana DellaRovere

It is through Her love that you heal any anxiety and calm the voice of self-judgment. It is in Her embrace that you feel protected and serene. It is in Her wisdom that you find faith in yourself and your ability to overcome any obstacle. She renews your strength and soothes your exhaustion. If it is difficult for you to find quiet time during the activity of your busy day, make time in the evening to have a special moment with yourself and Her. Begin by drinking some delicious tea and lighting a candle. Then, close your eyes and enter into the divine darkness that is filled with Her love. There, you will find yourself, your needs, your fears, your inspiration, your longings and your magnificence.

You may desire to pray to Her presence within yourself by talking to Her in simple, genuine, words from your heart. Sometimes just to feel yourself deeply is the prayer—a prayer of vulnerability and surrender to be loved by Her. Divine Mother dwells not only in the outer realms of the spirit but also within you. To connect and be nourished by Her touch you must learn to descend deeply within yourself and travel into your inner world. There you will find Her golden treasure—the infinite love and the peace that soothes all sorrow and brings fulfillment and joy to your life.

I have personally found that peace many times when I sink deeply into myself and find Her, often in the silence of the night. There, all my spiritual longings are quenched and satisfied. She has taught me and proven to me that, in the darkness of the unknown, I can expect goodness to come to me, and I can surrender without fear. Experiencing the goodness of divine darkness and the love and protection contained within it has changed my life. This experience has been the foundation of my trust in the unknown. 

In the revelations hidden in the unknown, I honor the Black Madonna as the embodiment of divine darkness. I want to share with you this poem, which is an excerpt from the libretto I wrote for the new opera, The Canticle of the Black Madonna, so as to inspire you to experience Her and to invite you never ever to be afraid of the darkness again. 

The Litany of the Black Madonna

Madonna, fragrance of the universe,
Creation beyond creation,
From the celestial heavens,
Descend deep into the human soul,
Not in the sky above, but here on earth below,
Embrace Your restless children.
Shed Your mantle of cerulean blue,
And darken Your skin with the burnt amber
Of earthly compassion.
Moisten the soil of our hearts
With the sweet nectar of Your love.

Madonna, smooth like black alabaster,
Black like the folds of the earth,
Black like the sorrow that breaks the heart open,
Black like the mystery we never unveil,
Black like eyes shut,
Black like the space between galaxies,
Black like a panther alone in the forest,
Black like the deep sea,
Black like the roots of our soul,
Black like the belly of the whale,
Black like a hidden secret,
Black like a night of love,
Black like the singularity that contains all,
Black like the unborn,
Black like deep rest in safe surrender,
Black like forgotten memories we want to remember,
Black like an orchid,
Black like our longing that is never quenched,
Black like the void from which all creatures take life,
Black like the inner chambers of the heart.

Black Madonna,
Filled with the luminosity of golden love,
Not in the sky above,
But here on earth below You live
In the beauty and the suffering
Of human life.
Like leaves in the wind,
We quiver for Your compassionate caress.
The Father longs for you.
He finds solace in Your embrace,
And all creation is still.

(This is an excerpt from The Canticle of the Black Madonna, a new Opera-Oratorio, with poetry by Tiziana DellaRovere and music by Ethan Gans-Morse. For more information, please visit the official Canticle of the Black Madonna Website)

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