The Masculine and the Feminine

Alchemy of Love clipping - Tiziana DellaRovereWe tend to define the masculine and the feminine through the qualities that are associated with societal roles and stereotypes. For example, we tend to think of masculine as strong and powerful, and feminine as sweet and loving. However, masculine and feminine are not qualities. Rather, they are modalities of being—ways in which we relate to ourselves and to the external world—and must be distinguished from qualities and roles that are attributed to men and women by society. Both the masculine and the feminine are loving and powerful, strong and sweet, but they express these qualities in completely different ways.  Both of these modalities of being exist in all of us, both men and women.

As they embody in the deep psyche, they manifest as our inner male and inner female. In their essential healthy state, our inner male and our inner female relate to each other in a loving, harmonious collaboration that balances our ability to give and to receive, our intuitive knowing and our linear understanding, our cycles of rest and activity, our creative inspiration and dreams, and our capacity to implement them through action and bring them to successful completion in the outer world. When they are in balance, the collaboration of our inner male and inner female enable us connect directly with the Divine in spirit while remaining grounded, productive, and loving on earth.

However, our inner male and our inner female also manifest as shadow aspects in the psyche. These shadow aspects are fragmented pieces of the pure original inner male and inner female. As a consequence of personal traumas and the inherited traumas of our family lineage, they become crystallized in the psyche in immature and destructive forms. These shadow aspects are constantly engaged in a struggle to overpower or undermine each other, creating emotional turmoil within us and activating painful patterns in our outer life. 

All suffering, struggle, and turmoil, has at its origin, a fundamental disharmony between the inner male and inner female. It is critical to bring these two modalities into cooperative harmony in order to create a lasting change in our personal life, our intimate relationships, our professions, our connection with the Divine, and to effect a radical transformation in our larger world of our society and our environment. All external conflict is an outer reflection of an inner struggle between the masculine and feminine.

The Adorata teachings provide specific and remarkably effective practices to resolve the gap between the masculine and feminine both within ourselves and within the world.  One of the most powerful techniques to restore the balance between the inner male and the inner female is the Descent and Enlovement Process, in which we journey deep inside to meet and interact with our inner male and inner female, to enhance their growth and maturity through the direct application of Divine love. This process is of paramount importance because the very heart of the Adorata path of enlovement, is the sacred union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, a mystical process that mirrors the development of our own personal inner male and inner female.